If the peace is to be the one where everybody’s quiet and doesn’t open up oneself towards others, doesn’t share what’s unspeakable, doesn’t disrupt the others, doesn’t offer unsolicited criticism, doesn’t defend others’ right to speak, that peace is worth nothing.
~Krzysztof Wodiczko

Look Upward

The men with the muck rakes are often indispensable to the well being of society; but only if they know when to stop raking the muck, and to look upward to the celestial crown above them, to the crown of worthy endeavor. There are beautiful things above and round about them; and if they gradually grow to feel that the whole world is nothing but muck, their power of usefulness is gone.

~Theodore Roosevelt

14 April 1906


She Will Remember

They didn’t have shoes but they were walking in heathy legs and healthy little feet. They didn’t all have smiles, but they were sitting with each other on a porch that is on a house provided by their daddy. They are home, with a mommy, being raised in love, free to be themselves and learn, and free to run barefoot in their yard without fear. Happiness is fleeting, but those little hearts and those moments will stay. She will remember the barefoot days on the porch and realize one day what it took from others to make it happen.

~G.G. Kidd




I want (to give) “the world healthy, holy citizens who (will) spread their influence”.


(originally written Monday, January 19,2015)

I am waiting on God right now…

I have seen goodness in the most unlikely places… in the broken places. Those places that turn into humbling places. God is so good to draw us close to him when we humble ourselves.


When we are humbled we have a real opportunity to know that He is God; in control of all things.

I thank God for the grace to rejoice amid the broken places…

It is so easy to grumble and complain. Is it a habit, a character trait, or is it just part of being a carnal man?

Nevertheless, He continues to draw me back, to remind me why I was created, to show me that He has a good and perfect plan…

Counting blessings, numbering thanks… that is what I am called to, that brings glory to God. Humbling myself and knowing He is the one who gives all things, by continually giving credit to the Creator I am able to start placing God in the correct position in my life… as Lord of all:

  1. Thanks for the early morning sunrise, all with bursts of orange and brightness.
  2. Thanks for the busyness of motherhood that creates life.

What Moves You?

Life and Motherhood

Masha Theone // Instagram

God has given me gifts… what are they?
Honesty, when used with grace and love.
Hospitality; always an open door, a meal, a welcoming (real) atmosphere, a seat at the table.

As I look “outside the gate” who do I feel drawn to help?
Honest, engaging and full of life, adventurous types… often the young, the spirited.
My kids, their friends and anybody who wants to enter in.
Those that are just wanting to be accepted for who they are, what they are. Those who want to stand for something, do something, change something.
Those with a little bit of rebellion in their spirits; but not too much, just enough to want to change the world, to question the norms to own what they believe. I’m drawn to those who don’t want to do it because they’re told to or expected to, but because they believe in it. Those with a burning desire, a passion…
Those with a passion that can be used by God.

How can I use my gifts to help in “such a time as this”?
With a lot of sleep, no seriously… I just need to open myself to relationships and have lots of food. I need to be ready to serve, ready to listen, to listen, to listen… ready to have an answer. I need to know when to keep my mouth closed and when to be led by the Spirit to speak words of truth, words of light, words of grace and words of encouragement.

My prayer?

Lord I pray that I could be used to further Your kingdom. That I can have a home where ones faith can be worked out, where there’s truth, transparency and honesty. And that I might light a spark that would start a fire roaring.

The Lord wanted trust, above all trust. And this trusting was the foundation of the personal holiness from which right action flowed. By seeking solutions before the foundation was firm, he had been wanting to bypass faith and to grasp at knowledge, as if knowledge alone could save. This was an old error, a subtle one, part of fallen human nature. It was like building a house on sand, and he now saw that in his anxiety to preserve the flock from trials, to build a shelter for them, any shelter, he might have fallen into the trap of operating solely from fear. What was the nature of this fear? That trials were so annihilating that they must be avoided at all costs? That God could not, or would not, save? That he was not with his people?

 He understood that the divine economy affirmed man’s need to build secure dwellings in the midst of the instability of a damaged creation; knew that God willed man to use every reasonable and moral method to avoid evil and do good. But at some point every soul was put to some ultimate test, each must turn and face its eternal foe in a definitive struggle between radical terror and radical faith. And in such combat ordinary human strategies would always prove to be ineffective; moreover, by relying on them, one could easily be misled into a state of false security – and this be doubly defeated.” (pp. 732-733)

Teach my children to seek me in the innermost tabernacle of their souls. The only indestructible refuge is in the heart where I dwell. There they will find me. (p. 735)

— Eclipse of the Sun by Michael D. O’Brien

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